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I use priority mail but you can send USPS, UPS or FedEx.

Clipper blades should be wrapped individually or pairs so they can't bang metal to metal or teeth may be broken and the blade lost.


A blade box is best but secure the lid. Fill any loose space in your package to minimize movement! Zip bags can trap moisture and cause blades to rust.  I sell blade boxes for $5.00.

 Protect scissors points so they can't penetrate the package. Note: I have scissor cases for 1-4 pair. Inquire if you would like these - email me at


Clippers can be protected with foam or bubble wrap. Make sure your mailing information, phone # and email is inside of the package. A list of what is sent is helpful. Problems with your clipper should be noted.


Where do I ship to? Bruce’s Sharpening, PO Box 41 (if using USPS), Maxatawny, PA 19538. For FedEx or UPS use 15868 Kutztown Rd instead of the PO Box 41

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