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Prices range $8.50 for A5 detachable blades, $9.50 for Large animal such as Lister and Clipmaster and Andis T-84 T-10 blades.  Wahl 5:1 and other adjustable blades are also $9.50.


Hollow ground blades are done on precision hollow ground machines. Most adjustable blades and large animal blades are ground flat.  Ceramic cutters are sharpened with diamond grit. I also carry replacement ceramic cutters.


Sharpened blades are tested in furs using rabbit fur for the finer blades and faux fur for the larger blades. Blade tension is checked and adjusted as necessary. Blades are cleaned, oiled and a protective coating applied to protect the tips.

wide blade 1_edited.png
wahl Arco adj blade 2_edited.png
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