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Often the same day as received but it can be 1-2 or more days due to Holidays, weekends, pandemics or just too much work. Since May 2013 our post office is only open 4 hours a day and during the Covid epidemic mail has been unusually slow at times to arrive here or get back to my customers.

Priority mail will get your blades here from Florida to New Hampshire in 2 days and California 2-4 days. The cheapest shipping from other states than PA for blades, scissors or small clippers is the Priority Mail Small Flat rate box or the larger Padded flat rate bag. Shipping is $9.75 (changes as post service raises rates) for that size box from anywhere. These and the Regional box A, B are also available on line and will hold more and send for less for those surrounding states for commercial accounts


 For Larger items the Medium Flat Rate box and the Large Flat Rate box can save you money. Send on Monday, get back by Thursday in many cases for the East coast. Work received on the weekend will likely not be shipped until Monday due to short 2-hour Saturday postal hours in my area. If you are not in a rush that is helpful to know so I can schedule appropriately. UPS and FedEx in some cases can be a cheaper way to send for larger heavier items.

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